All the companies aim to produce the same product – money.

The rest is just a technicality to get it.

Often I see around the definition of what a project is limited to “unique” products. The interpretation of that definition can be misleading. Serial production is not excluded. The actual product is the fulfilment of a need, order, idea, and since every request, need, order, contract, idea is kind of unique, every product can be actually considered unique. A product can be an item, a service or a combination of both – but if we look at the whole market chain (from the demand to the supply) we can see, that is always a combination of both. Always!

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique result, and again that includes every single request, demand, order, need, contract, every single planned activity aimed to a result can be considered a project, and in the very same way, a Project Management Office can be considered in a more generic way simply as “The Management”, and with some of my later partners I encountered also the label “Problem Solving Office” – and that’s probably the best description of our services I encountered until now.